Best Practices: Find Your Website’s Name

» A Domain Name Is Your Website Name

This is the first decision you need to make – what is going to be the address of your web site? Here’s some best practices:

Get a “.com”

While there are plenty of other options, nearly everyone (in the USA) expects that a web site will be a “.com”. So make it easy for customers to remember by getting a ‘.com’.

Get your business name in it

The sky’s the limit when it comes to web site names, but don’t get distracted with fancy alternatives. It’s important that your web address have your business name in it. If you find that your business name has already been taken, try getting it with your state at the end (eg.

If possible, avoid hyphens

This goes back to online expectations. Most popular web sites don’t feature a dash or “-” in them, so if at all possible, get a domain that doesn’t feature a hyphen.

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